Some Adrenaline Induced Tears


Well, hello again. I have to say that today’s post is not going to be a very happy one (what am I talking about, none of my posts are happy), as I pour out what happened to me today and get some feelings out. Also, people go through much worse things than I did today, but it still scared me and so without further ado let’s get into it.

I was in my drama class when our teacher told us that we were in lock-down and said that we needed to get behind the furthest back curtain. We quickly went back but found that it only held about 2/3 of the class, so the teacher had myself and 10 others go into her small office around the corner. We locked the door and waited just a few moments before an announcement came on from the school district once again telling us of the lock-down. None of us were particularly frightened or worried, as we have lock-down drills somewhat often, but there was an uncomfortable feeling that the last drill hadn’t been even two weeks ago and that we had already had a fire drill today.

We stayed quiet, and soon the discomfort turned to anxiety and there was a sense of fear and urgency in the air. One of the biggest boys in the tiny office put the chair against the door and sat on it with scissors in hand, making the rest of us shakily laugh before realizing that we actually felt much safer and falling silent. After around twenty minutes, the teacher came in and told us that there had been a phone threat and that police were in the school. She didn’t know anything else, though, and so she left us to be with the rest of the class.

We stayed in the small office for who knows how long more, before another announcement came on, telling us that the school was being evacuated classroom by classroom, and the students would walk to a school nearby. The panic grew and everyone in the office,  even the ones who usually are cool and confident, was breathing faster. We waited silently  for around another ten minutes, then exited the room as the auditorium was evacuated. I stayed with one of my best friends who had been in the room with me, and we followed a river or students to another school. I will also say that most of our cellphones and backpacks were still in the school, as we didn’t have time to get them on the way out.

Once we reached the other school, I tried to call both my mom and my dad from another friend’s phone, both of whom were at work and didn’t answer their calls. At this point the immediate panic was gone, but the emotions were being released and people all over the field were crying hysterically, and people apparently had fainted and were laying down with the school counselors in a corner. I stayed quiet and sat with the rest of my grade level, and waited for what felt like a year.  Parents started to arrive, and soon enough there was a sea of adults behind caution tape, waiting to get to the table to sign out their child. Finally my dad got to the front, and I said goodbye to the remaining friends before joining him, glad to be going home finally.

Well, of course he wasn’t going home and was going to a graduation, and  wasn’t going to be home until late at night. I told him that I would take the city bus home instead, so he gave me some money and told me to call him from the house phone once I arrived. I walked for a little while to get to the first bus stop, then sat down and had a little cry. I wouldn’t let myself cry too much, though, so I wiped my face and kept waiting. And waiting. And WAITING. I waited on the freezing bench for a good 45 minutes, phone-less and exhausted. Finally the bus came and I rode until the transfer stop, where I boarded a bus that would get me to my neighborhood but not very close to my house.

I got off of this bus, before walking, carrying my shoes in my hand and probably looking like a juvenile delinquent. I walked for what I would have judged as 20 minutes, then reached my house and ran a bath. I sat down on my bed, so relieved to be home, and feeling the adrenaline slowly falling from my body, and just sobbed for a little while. I took my bath, feeling much better but still not believing what a day I had had.

A few things that I forgot to mention earlier: many people were saying that the police found a bomb under one of the senior’s cars, but I don’t know how true that was. Also, there were a ton of police and reporters surrounding the school with some of the biggest guns that I had ever seen (the police, not the reporters). Anyway, not much of my usual gooey-ness today, but more of one of those “STORYTIME!” videos on youtube that we’ve all watched at one point but would never admit that we did. Okay, so yep that’s pretty much what I have for today and I don’t feel like editing it so it’s not super quality work. Sorry!

Have a good day! 🙂


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