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Summer Quarterly Goal Review

Saturday, October 1st.

Hello! Today is the first day of October, meaning it is also the first day of the fall quarter, meaning today is the day that I go over the goals set for the summer quarter and set new ones for the fall quarter. I got the idea of quarterly goals from Jenna Moreci, an author and YouTuber  whose videos I like to watch for inspiration, and just started this summer quarter. That means that it has been sort of a test run, so we’ll see how I did.

The quarterly goal system that Jenna uses says that every three months, a new list of 10-20 goals is written, and if by the end of the quarter at least half of the goals are complete, then the quarter was a success. I modified this to have more than 20 goals because I felt that wasn’t enough, and I think that every month and every quarter is a success no matter how many goals were completed. However, I’ve really liked how the goal setting has gone so far, and I plan to continue. So, without further ado, I’ll get into the summer quarterly goals.

  1. Tweet every day. Nope. This just did not happen. This goal was to continue growing a community of people who might read my book, but I soon found that there are very few things that one can tweet on the subject of writing.
  2. Get and use a real calendar. I will count this as a win, because I’ve been religiously using my planner and the calendar that is inside of it.
  3. Eat three meals every day. Unfortunately, one of the goals that was there for the sole purpose of not feeling totally shitty was not accomplished. For shame, Allie, for shame. Eat!
  4. Bake something. I did this! Yay! I made muffins from scratch just two days ago (yikes), but I still did it. They tasted horrible but the goal was accomplished and I felt good after spending that time in the kitchen.
  5. Get ukulele strings replaced. Whoop whoop! Another win. I did this a few weeks ago, and though I have yet to learn more it does sound much better.
  6. Finish at least 50k words in my new novel OR finish all beta reader edits and send The Injection to another editor. Probably the biggest goal on this list, and I didn’t complete it. I even gave myself options here. Grrr.
  7. Collect all beta information for The Injection and organize it. This one was not accomplished, but I’ll forgive myself because not all of my beta’s were able to finish and I did get a lot of their feedback
  8. Make at least 100 dollars separate from allowance. I’m counting this as a win, because even though I’m not entirely sure if I got exactly 100, I did make a good amount and I don’t keep close enough records to know whether or not I actually did this. So, win!
  9. Keep my room clean and put clothes away when they’ve been washed. Sorry, my messy habits are going to put up a fight. Fail.
  10. Fix my school schedule. Win!
  11. Make a timeline for The Injection. Done.
  12. Make a timeline for my new novel. Done again! *Self five*
  13. Start outlining The Injection sequel. Don’t make me laugh. Hahahaha but actually yeah this was a mega fail.
  14. Set a get up time. I did this for a while, but I didn’t maintain it, so this is a fail.
  15. Start running. Whoops no.
  16. Do yoga every week. Mega win! I did yoga almost every day.
  17. Get two acupuncture appointments. Win again.
  18. Set up a bank account. This was a fail, but I will say that it wasn’t my fault.
  19. Organize my money. Done. However, I need to do it again. Without a bank account it’s hard!
  20. Look into self publishing websites more. This is a fail. I kind of forgot about it actually.
  21. Start meditating. I did this! It’s great!
  22. Play new songs on the piano. Sorry, fail.
  23. Read ten new books. I’m so ashamed of myself for this, but I’ve dug myself into a reading slump and I haven’t read almost any books. Bad, bad, bad.
  24. Check and go through emails weekly. Win!
  25. Drink more water. And we’re going with a… Win! Woo hoo!

So, if you were counting there, you’ll see that I accomplished 13 out of 25 goals, so the quarter was a success! It was pretty close there, though. Alright, so tomorrow I’ll be making another post telling you what my goals for the fall quarter will be, and in three months we’ll see how well I did! *Another self five for doing pretty well on my first try of the quarterly goals*

Have a good day! 🙂




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