Fall Quarterly Goals


Yesterday I made a post reviewing the summer quarter’s goals and what I’ve accomplished in the past three months. I managed to complete 13 out of 25 goals, over half, so the quarter was a complete success. This quarter, I’ll have a fresh set of goals to complete, and since there will be more than I can handle if I do at least half I give myself a big pat on the back.

This is a big moment for me, because I’m determining the main things that I’ll be trying to do for the rest of 2016. I’m just coming up with them as I write this post, so right now I don’t even know what they’ll be. Let’s just jump right in!

  1. Do 30 hand lettering projects.
  2. Read 5 books.
  3. Finish outlining my new novel.
  4. Write at least 50k words in my new novel.
  5. Learn the main chords on the ukulele.
  6. Write at least 4 new blog posts.
  7. Enjoy my birthday.
  8. Bake 3 new things.
  9. Write 5 new songs and write the chords down.
  10. Find out more about international travel during high school & trip to Thailand.
  11. Get all A’s for the first semester.
  12. Get 5 hours of community service.
  13. Look into forming a passage committee. (A project at my school)
  14. Drink more water.
  15. Establish a sleep schedule.
  16. Do at least one meditation session a week.
  17. Get 2 more acupuncture appointments.
  18. Look into 2 marketing opportunities for Drama Club.
  19. Do one vocal lesson for ThesCon IE. (Thespian Convention Individual Event)
  20. Do yoga daily.
  21. Organize my money.
  22. Get my driver’s permit!

That’s it! We’ll see how I did in 2017. Whoop!

Have a good day. 🙂



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