Fall Quarterly Goals Review

Sunday, January 8

It’s that time again- time to go over the goals that I set for myself for the past three months of my life. This was the second time I’ve done quarterly goals, and while I don’t feel like it went as well as I had hoped, this is the first time I’ll be looking over them, so we’ll see! This quarter was a busy one, and I’ll admit I forgot about the goals more than once. I managed to get my act together and work on some of them in the last month, though, so I think I did alright.

These are goals that fit in nearly every part of my life: work, school, personal life, and just trying new things. If I completed more than half of them, then I consider that quarter a goal success. If not, then it was a goal fail :(. Shout out to Jenna Moreci for giving me the idea, and let’s get started!

  1. Do 30 hand-lettering projects. Success! I’m glad I tried this out, but it will for sure not be on any goal lists again in the near future. I think hand-lettering is just not for me.
  2. Read 5 Books. Success number 2. I managed to get myself out of the reading slump that took up a lot of last year, and now I’m fresh to have a reading filled 2017.
  3. Finish outlining my new novel. I didn’t accomplish this. I’ve hit a road block on the outlining front, but I feel confident that I can do it this quarter!
  4. Write at least 50k words in my new novel. Yikes, if you read the last goal you’ll see that this was a bit difficult for me to do considering I haven’t finished planning. Fail.
  5. Learn the main chords on the ukulele. Fail. My ukulele is a piece of crap, and I’ve all but given up on it.
  6. Write at least 4 new blog posts. Well, nope.
  7. Enjoy my birthday. I worked very, VERY hard to accomplish this one, and succeeded. Aw yeah.
  8. Bake 3 things. Success! Woo!
  9. Write 5 new songs and write the chords down. I didn’t even sort of accomplish this one.
  10. Find out more about international travel during high school. Done. This was a big one, and I’m pleased to say that I’m planning a 3 week trip to Thailand this year.
  11. Get all A’s for the semester. Woo hoo! I mega succeeded with this one.
  12. Get 5 hours of community service for school. Win! *dances around room*
  13. Look into forming a passage committee. Nope, and this was one of the things I really really needed to get done.
  14. Drink more water. We’ll count this as a win, because I did manage it for a while. I’ve been falling behind lately, though.
  15. Establish a sleep schedule. Again, even though I have not been adhering to it for the past few weeks, I actually mega win-ed this for most of the quarter.
  16. Meditate once a week. Well, this flat out didn’t even sort of happen.
  17. Get 2 more acupuncture appointments. Win!
  18. Look into 2 marketing opportunities for drama club. Yep! This barely succeeded, but it did in the end so we’re good.
  19. Do one vocal lesson for my thespian conference individual event. Not only one, but two! Success.
  20. Do yoga daily. Ha! Big fail.
  21. Organize my money. Huge success. I’ve done this multiple times.
  22. Get my driver’s permit! Yay! We’re ending on a very exciting win!

So this quarter has been a…..

Success! Whoop whoop! 14 out of 22, so that is for sure over half. See you no later than in 3 months!

-Allie 🙂


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