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LIFE: a journal entry from me


I am currently sitting in a silent classroom having finished my science test early, and, having nothing else to do (actually I have plenty else to do but this is at the top of my priority list), I decided to write a little life overview/journal entry on my blog. Woo! So this will be anything but organized, but a little representation of the chaos that happens in my brain.

School: School is as busy as it has ever been, but also as fun and learning rich as ever. I have actually been bored most of this week, because I’ve been getting all of my homework done so early. I’m trying my best to fill this space with things that I really want to do, like writing and drawing and just being as productive as I can be in parts of my life not academically related. I’m starting a college level 15 page research paper on the effects of child abuse on development soon, which I’m nervous for but looking forward to doing something so “school” heavy of my own accord and not just for a class that I don’t care that much about. Anyway, school is good and moving along.

Romance: Yikes. Well, that’s a fun subject. I have this problem lately where I don’t necessarily want a relationship with someone, as I don’t know them that well, but I care a LOT about them and just want them to be happy all the time and I just ugh. Apparently this is not just a “me” problem as I was talking to one of my friends about it recently and he has the same thing going on. Another bizarre thing that happened to me a few nights ago was that the boy I was head over heals for about 2 years ago contacted me, and after an awkward conversation he admitted that he, too, had feelings for me, and wished me luck in my endeavors with earlier mentioned subject of my affections. So that happened.

Writing: YAY!!! I managed to start outlining my new novel again last weekend! It took completely revamping my outlining method, but it worked and now I’m significantly further on track than I was a week ago. I’m stuck at a new part of the outline now (grr), but with the new outlining that I’m doing I can work around it and figure it out as I keep working. I’m thinking about writing a blog post about my writing process so that I can write down all of my ideas and get them organized in what basically is just a journal for me. Thanks, DiscoveringAllie.

Have a good day! 🙂



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