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Winter Quarterly Goals Review

Tuesday, April 4

So. Another three months have come and gone, another set of goals expired. This quarter, I will admit that I feel the least confident about so far. A spike in my anxiety, a vacation to Mexico, and generally just busy time at school has resulted in a less productive quarter than I had hoped for. I haven’t looked at my goals yet, though, so without any more chit-chat I’m going to get started going over whether this quarter has been a success or a goal failure. (Check my other quarterly goal reviews to see how the goals work)

  1. Read 9 books. Success! I read 15 books this quarter #proud #7ofthemwereHarryPotter #noshame
  2. Finish outlining my new novel. FINALLY!!! This has been on my goal list for as long as I have been recording my quarterly goals, and for the first time I can say, with absolute pride, it has been accomplished.
  3. Make instagram announcement about first novel. Nope, I didn’t do this. And I have nothing to blame but my own laziness.
  4. Write at least 2 blog posts. Ehhhh, no. I did write one, so maybe that counts for something, but that something is not a goal.
  5. Bake 3 new things. Go Allie! I did this! (I actually don’t know for sure, but I’m like 98% sure so we’re counting it as a win)
  6. Write and record a new song. Ha! Fail.
  7. Apply for travel scholarship. No, this did not happen. However, I’m no longer looking for the scholarship so I can forgive myself for this fail.
  8. Get all A’s for 3rd school quarter. Success, but just barely. I was real close to ending Algebra 2 with a B, but I think I can handle a B every once and a while.
  9. Make a google spreadsheet for high school service hours. Done diddy done.
  10. Look into forming a passages committee for school. Well… I did look into it, so we can count this as a win.
  11. Drink more water. I did this, but I still have the dilemma of having to use the bathroom far too many times while at school if I drink as much as I want to. Grrr.
  12. Get together final freshman portfolio. Wow! Why I even thought that I could feasibly complete this, I have no idea. This is a 1000% fail.
  13. Meditate at least once weekly. Nope.
  14. Get two more acupuncture appointments. Yes! God bless acupuncture and its magical properties.
  15. Do yoga weekly. Why yes, I have completed this. I’m pretty surprised at myself.
  16. Set up word on my computer again. NO! But not for lack of trying; I asked my dad to help me multiple times, but somehow he’s never been free so my computer’s word app is still not working.
  17. Study for AP test weekly. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha no.
  18. Check in with teachers weekly. While it was not in the way that I had been thinking when I wrote this, I did check in with them all regularly, so I will count this as a win.
  19. Paint 2 new things. Yes! I painted lots of things this quarterly, and I did it just for this goal list. I’m proud of myself for setting this goal, because I knew how happy it would make me if I made it a priority.
  20. Get 10 more driving hours. This just did not happen. Completely my fault. Whoops
  21. Make a full 3-course meal for my family. Rats! I really wanted to do this, but I completely forgot about it. Hopefully next time.
  22. Make a converted book. Hmmm, I forgot about this one too. No. Fail.

So, as I was writing those I felt like it really could go either way. I’m worried, but we’ll know soon enough.

*stand by for completed goal counting*

Drum roll please….. I won! With exactly half of my goals completed (nervously sweating), I just barely managed to get a win for this quarter. Phew.

Now it’s time to go  into my phone’s notes and write my spring quarterly goals! It’s so weird to think that the next time I make a goal review it will be over summer break, and done with my freshman year of high school. Well… we’ll see if I see you before then, but if not, see you in three months!

-Allie 🙂



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