LIFE: a journal entry from me (entry 2)

Friday, April 7

Hello! I’ve decided to do another one of these journal entry-y things, because I could use a bit of writing and while I just did my quarterly goal review, I haven’t had much time to just let myself write. So! This will, again, be unorganized and likely confusing at some points. Sorry.

Point number 1: I’m sick. So, so sick. And I can’t even stay home from school because my parents are out of town, I stayed with a friend last night, and I’m staying at my grandma’s house tonight. So even if I could get home, I would have to get back to school by 5:00 so she could pick me up. URGHH. I just want to sleep.

Point number 2: I’m tired. So, so tired. As I mentioned, I had a sleepover last night at my friend Ryder’s house. While I didn’t go to bed outrageously late, being sick takes a toll on me, and going to bed at 10:30 was not what my body wanted. URGHH again. Now I’m tired on top of sick, and I’ve managed to get “complainer” into my title as a human being. Things are good.

Point number 2.5: The sleepover was great. We went to pizza, his brother ripped his jeans open and danced around, we played a song, had iced cream, and I watched 3 episodes of “Thirteen Reasons Why.” Overall a good night. Then, this morning, we went out for donuts and saw the view of downtown Denver with the sunrise (a worthy view, I must say.) Now I get to have another sleepover with my grandma! (That was not sarcastic, my grandma and I are best friends.)

Point number 3: I’m trying not to be too stressed about the fact that my drama club only haS 11 REHEARSALS LEFT AND I’M FINE EVERYTHING’S FINE AAAAHHHHHHHH!!! We have only blocked one scene with the ensemble. Literally. One. Scene. And they refuse to acknowledge any suggestions from the cast, which is so frustrating to me. I won’t name names, but I’m looking at you, choreographer. Looking at you.

Point number 4: I really, really want to write. SO badly. It has almost been two years since I was just writing my novel nonstop, and now that I’m on to a new novel that I like even better, I’m dying to just sit on my lawn chair with my lawn umbrella and my computer and write for 8 hours a day. I want it so bad it hurts. But I have to finish school as well as the in-depth outline before then, and I’m only 1/3 through the outline and have 2 months left of school. Soon, though, and I will be in blissful writing land. Soon!

-Allie 🙂



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