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Fall Quarterly Goal Reflection


2017. I don’t really know how to think about this past year. As seen in my previous quarterly goal posts, I measure whether or not a quarter was a “success” based on whether or not I completed at least half of my goals. And, in general, I like this system. It holds me accountable, as well as providing me with a great feeling when I do complete at least half of the goals. But looking back on 2017, it’s easy to feel like I failed. I succeeded in my goals, and in many of my New Years resolutions for the year, but I also struggled. A lot. One of the worst years of my life, and I am not calling it a failure. I succeeded this year. Not because I accomplished a single goal, or because I got good grades despite shit hitting the fan big time. But because it is 2018 now.

And I am still alive.

This past quarter began as I was just beginning to heal from a very dark time. But I was optimistic, because I had 3 more months ahead of me, and I had support and goals and time was passing despite everything. So I set a short list of 14 goals for myself that I could set my mind to and finish off the year strong. I will say, that even if I only accomplished 2 of these goals, I still would be proud of myself for working so hard this quarter. But, I think that I did better than that. Let’s see!

  1. Finish outlining my current novel. Nope! But I did make progress, and I will keep working at it!
  2. Write 25K words on my current novel. Another no is clear here, considering that I didn’t finish outlining. That’s okay!
  3. Have a great 16th birthday party. Yes!!!!!!! My birthday party was fantastic.
  4. Meditate at least once a week. I tried, but no.
  5. Do weekly yoga. I’ll do ya one better, Allie. I did daily yoga! Success!
  6. Go out with friends. This goal was for reasons that I don’t feel like getting into, but that were incredibly important to me. And I did it. That’s another yes!
  7. Make muffins. Yes!
  8. Bake at least 2 things. Done. That was a super fun one.
  9. Read 10 new books. Yes– very proud of keeping up with my Goodreads goals.
  10. Redecorate my room. So… I didn’t actually decorate much, but I deep cleaned and put new blankets and candles and things out, so I’m counting this as a win.
  11. Paint 2 new things. I painted like 5 new things! And I painted daily for a week as part of an English class happiness experiment! So a mega win here.
  12. Kill it at the Colorado Thespian Conference. I killed it. Yes.
  13. Try out writing letters. I did this, not very extensively, but I did try it out and would like to continue. Yes!
  14. (personal goal) I completed this one too!


So, if you tally those up, we have…

*drum roll*

11 goals done! Super win, and definitely over half! Coming next will be my goals for the winter quarter of 2018, which I’m super excited for. The way my quarterly goals are set up is based off of Jenna Moreci’s goals, and I highly recommend that any authors or aspiring authors check out her videos on YouTube. Hilarious, helpful, and just overall great!



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