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A Thanksgiving Reflection

Thursday Hello world! I hope everybody is doing well today. I am currently sat on my couch a room away from all of my visiting family, sitting in silence as my 10-year-old cousin plays on his iPad, listening to Taylor Swift’s newest album (excellent, by the way). I spent the day watching the second Scooby… Continue reading A Thanksgiving Reflection

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LIFE: a journal entry from me

Wednesday I am currently sitting in a silent classroom having finished my science test early, and, having nothing else to do (actually I have plenty else to do but this is at the top of my priority list), I decided to write a little life overview/journal entry on my blog. Woo! So this will be… Continue reading LIFE: a journal entry from me

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Summer Quarterly Goal Review

Saturday, October 1st. Hello! Today is the first day of October, meaning it is also the first day of the fall quarter, meaning today is the day that I go over the goals set for the summer quarter and set new ones for the fall quarter. I got the idea of quarterly goals from Jenna… Continue reading Summer Quarterly Goal Review

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The Value of Honesty

Wednesday Recently I’ve been working on something- apologies. Nobody likes to admit that they’ve done something wrong or call attention to their own wrongdoings and flaws, but it is especially so for myself, being a proud person who hates confrontation and is painfully self conscious about things that I regret. I have known this about… Continue reading The Value of Honesty

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Being a Teenager is Hard

Monday So I think that the universe has learned something in the past month; I am not a very good blogger. While I have been very busy, I have had much more free time than can justify the laziness that I have displayed. Part of it is because I am just lazy, and part of… Continue reading Being a Teenager is Hard

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Exchange Student!

Saturday Hello! I must say that I’m not quite sure about my feelings today. I feel like I should feel that I’m happy and content and excited, which I suppose I am, but I also feel a bit strange. Tomorrow my family will be driving to the airport to pick up our Brazilian exchange student:… Continue reading Exchange Student!